The Lion King

Once in pride rock held celebration would the prospective leader of the future that will bring his people was prosperous. The ceremony in headed with the attendance Babon had a name Rafiki, he was the close friend Mufasa, the father Simba. Afterwards he lifted the small lion that had a name Simba that was didekapan his mother Sarabi, and the decline in the throne in began with Rafiki lifted Simba in front of his people and the animal – the other animal then submitted saw the leader of their future.

But the uncle Simba had a name Scar did not take part in celebrating this ceremony because he was jealous against the father Simba because of becoming the king.

Mufasa then felt was touched on to scar because he did not visit the big ceremony. till finally Mufasa and his adjutant of a bird had a name Zazu came to the place Scar. In the place Mufasa felt emotions because felt not all that in honored as the older brother at the same time his king

One day Simba and Mufasa went to see the area around authority. And was gotten one place that might not in passed who that is the area pride lands. Afterwards Zazu be in touch to Mufasa that there is some unrest, and finally Mufasa went and told Zazu delivered Simba came home.

Afterwards Simba dropped by at the place Scar, and there Scar informed Simba about pride lands and wanted to go there

Simba then went with his female friend had a name Nala, and he asked for permission before to Sarabi to go together. in his trip they were accompanied Zazu, but Simba made an effort to evacuate him. Finally they came in pride lands, there plenty of heaps of bones that scattered. Simba and Nala then entered the area and Zazu followed and came behind our. Afterwards Zazu told them again came home.

Suddenly emerged three hyena bad had a name Banzai, Ed, and Shenzei. They tried pounce on Simba and Nala, but the two of them dodged and Zazu went informed Mufasa. Finally Mufasa came and rescued Simba and Nala. They came home and Simba faced his father, would the problem that he doing to. Zazu took Nala came home and Mufasa informed Simba that he endangered the life Nala. Afterwards Mufasa became again patient. Thirdly hyena that evidently co-operated with Scar to remove Mufasa and Simba in order to be able to take his throne to become the king pride rock.

The first method that was undertaken scar was not successful and he then undertook second the method. he then trapped Mufasa and Simba. And finally he was successful killed Mufasa and made Simba gone. Simba then sad to see his father died, and he must go left Mufasa and scar. he went far and did not come back. The obituary Mufasa canned be heard by Sarabi and he then became sad. Finally scar then became the king who brought his kingdom in the bad condition.

In his trip Simba unconscious and he was found by a wild boar and Surikata. they had a name Pumbaa and Timon. they rescued simba and live with in the pleasant forest and far from pride rock. there they taught “HAKUNA MATATA” that was significant “don’t worry” to Simba, and they lived happy together until they became mature. In pride rock Rafiki to know about Simba still lived, with the strength of his witchcraft that he have. Rafiki then happy.

On the time other Nala that became mature went hunting looked for prey, and he saw Pumbaa that was catching kumbang. Afterwards nala tried pounce on Pumbaa, and Pumbaa then ran to give way. Afterwards Simba came and helped Pumbaa removed Nala. The two of them were involved in the dispute and finally Simba learned that that was Nala. Afterwards they said mutually and Nala told the situation pride rock that became chaotic because in the order by scar and hyena that no fair. in the meeting they have fun – liked to release the longing and was happy together. Nala then asked Simba back to pride rock to become the king, and changed the kingdom became good like in the beginning. but Simba did not want to come back, and Nala tried convincing Simba but nothing because Simba did not want to come back. finally the two of them were involved in the dispute.


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