Meet Old Friend

Kring… Kring… Kring…

Dwi          :  Hello, good morning!

Ryzal     :  Good morning!

Dwi          :  Is this Ryzal’s number?

Ryzal     :  Oh, yeah! It is Ryzal’s number.

Dwi          :  Can I speak with Ryzal?

Ryzal     :  Oh, myself.

Dwi          :  Ryzal my best friend! We have been long time not met since eight years ago! How are you?

Ryzal     :  I’m fine. Sorry, who are you?

Dwi          :  I’m Dua.

Ryzal     :  Dua is number. Don’t be kidding, please!

Dwi          :  OK. I am going to give my characteristic. I liked to gave you cheating.

Ryzal     :  Eight years ago I was in the seventh grade of SMP. You said if you are my best friend and liked to gave me cheating. I still confused. Can you give me other your characteristic?

Dwi          :  Ehhh…

I used to wear jacket everywhere.

Ryzal     :  Sorry. Anything else?

Dwi          : Huhhh…

Patient… Patient… Patient…

We used to have a band and I as vocalist. The name our band is Gak Jelas Band. Do you remember?

Ryzal     :  Wait… Wait…

I start to remember. Give me time!

Dwi          :  OK.

Ryzal     :  Oh, now I am knowing you. Are you Dwi Taufiqurrrahman?

Dwi          :  Yes, you are right! Finally you remember.

Ryzal     :  Oh, Dwi! How are you?

Dwi          :  I’m fine.

Ryzal     :  Alhamdulillah. Where are you studying now?

Dwi          :  I’m studying in University of Indonesia. How about you?

Ryzal     :  I’m studying in USA but now in Indonesia for holiday.

Dwi          :  Wow, amazing! Do you have plan tonight?

Ryzal     :  May be nothing. Why?

Dwi          :  Can we meet at Dwira Café at 6 o’clock p.m? For nostalgia.

Ryzal     :  Yes, I can. But, I don’t know where Dwira Café.

Dwi          :  Dwira Café at behind Matahari Department Store. Do you know?

Ryzal     :  Oh, I know.

Dwi          :  OK. Don’t remember! Be on time!

Ryzal     :  Don’t worry!

Dwi          :  See you tonight!

Ryzal     :  See you!

At night in Dwira Café…

Ryzal     :  Nang where sih Dwi iku?

Dwi          :  (Crush Ryzal).

Ryzal     :  Oh my God! You have made my dress so wet.

Dwi          :  Sorry, Sir! Sorry, Sir!

Ryzal! Are you Ryzal Hendra?

Ryzal     :  Yes. Where do you know my name?

Dwi          :  Do you forget me? I’m Dwi Taufiqurrahman.

Ryzal     :  Dwi! What’s up Bro! How are you?

Dwi          :  I’m fine.

Ryzal     :  Let’s sit! I have ordered you a glass of orange juice. Do you like?

Dwi          :  Sure. This is my favorite drink. You are so kind.

Ryzal     :  Thank you.

Dwi          :  You are welcome.

Ryzal     :  Sorry, I forgeted you because now you fat. Different with eight years ago. Why you fat?

Dwi          :  That’s simple. Because since I have stayed in Jakarta, I so like to eat. Foods here so yummy!

Ryzal     :  I felt foods in USA more delicious than here.

Dwi          :  Arrogant… Arrogant…

Ryzal     :  Sorry!

Dwi          : By the way, I am sorry to you about just now.

Ryzal     :  Oh, no problem!

Dwi          :  Zal, you look more handsome than eight years ago.

Ryzal     :  Don’t like that! Later I will GR.

Dwi          :  This real.

Ryzal     :  Thank you. Do you have a job here?

Dwi          :  No, I don’t. How about you?

Ryzal     :  I have a job in a restaurant as chef at USA.

Dwi          :  Are you sure?

Ryzal     :  Sure.

Dwi          :  Since what?

Ryzal     :  About a year ago.

Dwi          :  You are great.

Ryzal     :  Thank you. Where do you live?

Dwi          :  I live on Jl. Raya Pondok Gedhe Bacang.

Ryzal     :  Can I visit to your house next time?

Dwi          :  Sure.

Ryzal     :  Wi, I’m sorry! I must go. Because I have a promise with my friend at 7.30 p.m.

Dwi          :  OK. No problem!

Ryzal     :  Thank you!

Dwi          :  You are welcome. But if you have empty time, you must visit to my house! OK!

Ryzal     :  That’s simple! See you next time!

Dwi          :  See you!


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