Crime Brings Blessing

On Sunday evening, Ibana and Lia take a call. They will plan to hang out tomorrow.

Lia         : Assalamu’alaikum wr wb.

Ibana    : Wa’alaikumsalam wr wb.

Lia         : Hey, Ban!

Ibana    : Hey, Lia! What?

Lia         : Do you have plan tomorrow?

Ibana     : Nothing. Why?

Lia          : I’m bored at home. How if we hang out?

Ibana     : That is a good idea!

Lia          : I will pick you up tomorrow!

Ibana     : Ok. See you tomorrow!

Lia         : See you tomorrow, too

The next day, Lia goes to Ibana’s house and pick her up.

Lia         : Tin… tin.. tin…

Ibana    : O, yeah! Wait!

Lia         : Ok!

Ibana    : Come on!

Lia         : (turn on the motorcycle)

Ibana    : Where shall we go?

Lia         : Lalalalalalalalalalaaa………

Ibana    : Li?

Lia         : What? What?

Ibana    : What shall we go?

Lia         : Up to you!

Ibana    : How if we go to Matahari Department Store?

Lia         : That’s a good idea!

Ibana    : Ok! let’s go!

Get to the Matahari Department Store….

Lia         : We have arrived. Come down!

Ibana    : Ok!

Lia         : I want to park my motorcycle. Wait here!

Ibana    : Ok!


Dwi        ; Help! Help! Thief! Thief!

Ibana    : Can I help you, Sir?

Dwi        : I was picked pocket.

Ibana    : Where is the thief?

Dwi        : Go there!

Ibana    : Ok, Sir! Wait here!

Dwi        : Be careful!

Ibana    : (chase the thief) Hey, stop! Stupid thief!

Adis       : Try chase if you can! Wek……..

Ibana    : Finally, I can chase you.

Adis       : Pardon! Pardon!

Ibana    : Follow me!

Adis       : (cry)

Ibana    : This is the thief, sir!

Dwi        : Oh, you are the thief! Still young, have picked pocket!

Adis       : Sorry, sir!

Lia         : Oh, you are here. I have found you 15 minutes. Huh…

Ibana    : Sorry! Sorry! I just now have caught a thief.

Lia         : Where is the thief?

Ibana    : This is the thief!

Lia         : Let’s bring to police station!

Adis       : Don’t sir! Don’t sir!

Dwi        : I don’t think so. I better handle by myself than bring to police station.  Because he is still kid.

Lia         ; Oh, ok! If that, we want permit.

Dwi        : Ok. Before that, what is your name?

Lia         : I am Lia.

Ibana    : And my name is Ibana.

Dwi        : My name is Dwi. I want to say thank you.

Ibana    : It is nothing. Good bye!

Dwi        : Ok!

Dwi interrogations the thief.

Dwi        : What’s your name?

Adis       : Adis.

Dwi        : Why did you pick pocket?

Adis       : Emmmmmmmm….

Because I don’t have money.

Dwi        : You are still young. So, you can’t pick pocket. Understand?

Adis       : Yes.

Dwi      : What school do you go to?

Adis     : I don’t study.

Dwi      : Just right, do you want to study in my school?

Adis     : But, I don’t have money.

Dwi      : Be relax! It is free. Tomorrow, I will pick you up here. Ok?

Adis     : Ok.

The next day…

Dwi      : Adis, are you ready to study?

Adis     : Yes.

Dwi      : Ok. Let’s go! (turn on the motorcycle)

We have arrived, Dis. Come down! (park the motorcycle). Let’s enter!

Adis     : Thank you, Sir!

Dwi      : Sit down, there! Let’s start to study!

Adis     : Ok!

Dwi      : Can you read?

Adis     : No, I can’t                    .

Dwi      : For the first, we will study how to read.

Adis     : Ok.

Dwi      : (write on the whiteboard)

Adis     : (throw a ball of paper)

Dwi      : (turn one’s head to Adis)

Adis     : (smile)

Dwi      : (write on the whiteboard)

Adis     : (throw a ball of paper)

Dwi      : (turn one’s head to Adis)

Adis     : (throw a ball of paper)

Dwi      : (pick all balls of paper and walk)

What is this?

Adis     : (smile)

Dwi      : What is this?

Adis     : Balls of paper.

Dwi      : Listen! This is the last time you did like this. Understand?

Adis     : Yes, Sir!

Dwi      : Write writing on the blackboard!

Adis     : (write)

Dwi      : Ok! Pay attention! B, A, B, Y. Babi. Repeat!

Adis     : B, A, B, Y. Babi.

Dwi      : Wait… Wait…

Adis     : Oh, teacher’s stupid. (slowly)

Dwi      : What?

Adis     : No, no, no.

Dwi      : (use alfalink)

Oh, sorry! I’m wrong. Listen me! B, A, B, Y. Baby.

Adis     : B, A, B, Y.

After few years, Adis becomes clever. Adis can write, read, etc. And many students have studied there. The school grows  up slowly.


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