Frienship in Public Source Institution

Farah and Vita have becomed friends since Senior High School. Now, they have been graduation and don’t have job. Because they don’t have job, they want to build Public Source Institution.
In August, 17th 2003 coincide with Indonesia Independent Day, they have announced officially Public Source Institution. Because just now have been announced officially, so they still don’t have enough money. they want to look for donation to society and also recruit new member.
Farah : My feeling is happiness, because we have built LSM.
Vita : Yes, so am I. Rah, now, we are having big problem.
Farah : About money, isn’t it?
Vita : Yes.
Farah : Don’t worry, I have prepared proposal to get donation from society.
The day tomorrow, they look for donation from house to house . When they are walking, they look a child who eight years old. The child sits in side of road. And they feel sad and want to help him.
Vita : Have one hour we look for donation, but we didn’t get money.
Farah : Be patient, we must struggle! Fit, look the child! He is sad.
Vita : How if our first target help him?
Farah : Are you sure?
Vita : Yes. Moreover I am very sure.
Farah : How can we help him?
Vita : I still think it.
Farah : Emmm…… How is the way?
Vita : The first step, we must meet him. And the next step, we offer him to study by ourself.
Farah : Ok. Let’s go there!
Vita : Why do you look sad?
Adis : I am hungry!
Farah : Can we help you?
Adis : Sure, I am very hungry.
Farah : Do you want eat?
Adis : Of course, I want to eat very much.
Vita : Farah, we don’t have enough money to buy some meals. (slowly)
Farah : Don’t worry, I bring meals from my home? Here you’re! (slowly)
Adis : Thank you very much.
Farah : What’s your name?
Adis : My name is Adis
Vita : Why don’t you go to school?
Adis : Emmm…. Because I don’t have a lot of money for school.
Vita : Do you agree, if we study together? And then you will become clever. You can read, write, everything you want to do. How?
Adis : But, I don’t have money.
Vita : Be relax! It is free.
Adis : Are you sure?
Vita : Yes, I’m sure
Farah : Tomorrow we will pick you up here. OK?
Adis : Ok!
Farah : Now, we must go home.
Adis : Yes, thanks. See you tomorrow.
Vita : Ok, see you too.
Farah and Vita continue to look for donation. Their spirit increases. Because now, they are having a goal to help Adis. After walk few hours, they look simple house. And apply for donation there.
Farah : Assalamualaikum wr wb
Dwi : Waalaikumsalam wr wb. Who are you?
Vita : Excuse me, Sir!! We are from Public Source Institution. We want to ask donation. Here is our proposal!
Dwi : Oh, come in!
Farah : Thank you.
Dwi : At the moment, I want to read.
Vita : Ok, sir. Our Public Source Institution grow in social department. Money from we look for donation, later will use to help poor.
Farah : Our plan, we will to give lesson the poor. So, stupid people in Indonesia don’t increase.
Dwi : Ok, I just give little. I hope it can help.
Vita : Thank you sir!
Farah : The money will so function.
Vita : Once more we say thank you for your help.
Dwi : No problem.
Farah : Excuse me sir! We must go home.
Dwi : Ok!
Farah and Vita : Assalamualaikum wr wb
Dwi : Waalaikumsalam wr wb
They go back to Public Source Institution. The day tomorrow Farah and Vita meet Adis in side of road to give his the lesson.
Vita : Hello Adis! Are you ready to study now?
Adis : I ready. But, I don’t have book and pencil.
Farah : Oh, never mind we will give you book and pencil for study.
Farah and Vita invite Adis to Public Source Institution
Farah : Dis, here it’s place when you study.
Adis : It is wonderful place.
Vita : Here your book and pencil.
Adis : Thank you.
Vita : You can read, can’t you?
Adis : No, I can’t.
Farah : Ok. Now, we study how to read with good spelling. Ba, bi… Babi
Adis : Ba, bi… Babi.
Farah and Vita never tired to teach Adis. After few years Adis is clever. He can write read, etc.
Vita : Farah, end the end our work unuseless.
Farah : Yes, I think so. Our desire for help poor children have reached.
Their Public Source Institution is grow up. Many poor children can study there. And then, many people join with the LSM.


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