Tiger is a wild animal. It is known as the largest cat species in the world. Tiger is on the base like a lion, although heavier.
Tiger has long body, four legs, a long tail, a short neck, and a firm head with a short muzzle that contains a set of sharp teeth. It has stout legs that end in broad paws. A tiger’s fur color varies from orange with a lot of black stripes that have different lengths and widths. The cheeks, the insides of the ears, under of the body from neck until back near tail are white. All tigers almost have more 100 striped. The striped to differ each other.
Tiger is classified mammal. It also classified carnivore because tiger eats meat or other animals. It usually preys on deer, rabbits, birds, fish, and some smaller animals. Males are generally longer and heavier than females. The average length for males is about 6 feet long and with a tail of 3 feet long. Females are usually 6 to 12 inches shorter in body length.


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    thankss!!!!!nice info…im really…really need this!!!!thank you verymuch dude…^~^

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